Fremantle and District Philatelic Society

 Act-Belong-Commit Survey

Act-Belong-Commit would very much appreciate if you could complete the below questionnaire regarding Factors influencing mental health and ill-health.



The  Darrell Adams Trophy – Treasure Hunt – 14th November 2018
  1. A stamp depicting a mythical creature
  2. A stamp denoting that it is for airmail postage
  3. An Australian vending machine stamp
  4. An “Underprinted” stamp
  5. A “MOURNING” stamp
  6. A joined coil pair
  7. A stamp from an Australian Colony
  8. A stamp from an Australian territory
  9. A stamp depicting Santa Clause
  10. A N.Z. Adson
  11. A Newspaper stamp
  12. A stamp from the German Inflation-period with a very high denomination
  13. A stamp depicting a household pet
  14. An Australian registration label
  15. A stamp depicting a passenger ship
  16. A stamp depicting an oil tanker
  17. A “SPECIMEN” stamp
  18. A stamp with a flag on it
  19. A Belgian Railway stamp
  20. A stamp showing a musical instrument
  21. An Australian “NO VALUE INDICATED” stamp
  22. A stamp showing a Coat of Arms
  23. A stamp depicting a famous landmark
  24. A stamp depicting a Head of State of any country in any period
  25. A stamp showing a portrait of Queen Victoria
  26. A perfin
  27. A triangular stamp
  28. An Australian Maxi-card
  29. A “BANTAM” from R.S.A
  30. A stamp with security  perforations
  31. A slogan postmark
  32. A stamp depicting a well known film star
  33. A SWANPEX or Swan River Stamp Show item
  34. A fake stamp or forgery
  35. A G.B regional stamp